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Ad Hoc1972 to 1980 1Flip Flop And Fly2012/01/20From various gigs3:45
Ad Hoc1972 to 1980 2Stand Up And Fight Back2012/01/20From various gigs4:22
Ad Hoc1972 to 1980 3Force Of Life2012/01/20From various gigs5:46
Ad Hoc1972 to 1980 4Smokey Factory Blues2012/01/20From various gigs2:22
Ad Hoc1972 to 1980 5Chile2012/01/20From various gigs3:15
Ad Hoc1972 to 1980 6Because The Night2012/01/20From various gigs5:01
Ad Hoc1972 to 1980 7Get Off Me Baby2012/01/20From various gigs4:31
Ad Hoc1972 to 1980 8Police And Thieves2012/01/20From various gigs3:47
Ad Hoc1972 to 1980 9Strike2012/01/20From various gigs2:32
Ad Hoc1972 to 198010Bondage Up Yours2012/01/20From various gigs1:54
Ad Hoc1972 to 198011Walk Right Up2012/01/20From various gigs4:16
Ad Hoc1972 to 198012Tobacco Road2012/01/20From various gigs3:18
Ad Hoc1972 to 198013Gloria2012/01/20From various gigs4:18
Ad Hoc1972 to 198014I Feel Good2012/01/20From various gigs2:17
Ad Hoc1972 to 198015In The Mood2012/01/20From various gigs4:41
Ad Hoc1972 to 198016Smokey Factory Blues2012/01/20From various gigs4:54